On occasion, you may wish to escalate an open Support Ticket to a senior fulfilmentcrowd representative

Whilst we endeavour to offer the best possible service and value in all we do, we know that we can get things wrong from time to time. We do have escalation contacts in place should you feel you are not being given the service you require and these are detailed in the fulfilmentcrowd Contacts section.

Should you feel that you have an issue that needs to be escalated to Board Level within fulfilmentcrowd, you can do this directly by creating an Escalation. Escalations could be related to existing Support Tickets, Pricing Issues or really any aspect of our service by which you feel you have been let down. These are created as follows:

From the Support section of the fulfilmentcrowd platform, click the drop down next to the "Support Ticket" button and you'll see an option for "Escalation":

Click the Escalation option and you'll be presented with a screen as follows:

  • Severity Rating - Whilst Escalations will automatically default to the highest severity rating we would ask that you lower this where you feel appropriate.

Click Next to move to the Communications step:

Upon reaching this step simply click the New Button to start a new communication:

  • Note Category - Ensure this field is set to "Escalation".

  • Email To: - As the Note Category is set this will default to "" and should be left as such.

  • Email Cc: - Add another email address here, should you wish to copy to another recipient.

  • EMAIL Bcc: - Add another email address here, should you wish to blind copy to another recipient.

  • Subject: - This will default but feel free to update where you feel it is appropriate.

  • Details - Enter details as you would for any other email giving details of the issue, and references or specifics that you feel we may need to know and advising who at fulfilmentcrowd has been dealing with the issue, where this is relevant.

Once done, click the Finish button and you'll be returned to the Communications Step. Click Finish again to close.

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