How we pack your goods for safe transit, international clearance and delivery to customers.

Packaging the Order

it is expected that all packages will be treated with a degree of care and that no packages will be allowed to leave that may give an end-customer cause for concern. The following points are simple guidelines and are not intended as detailed instructions for the package of items.

  • Where an A4 Dispatch Note has been printed this should be folded once and placed into the package.

  • Where additional packaging (bubble wrap etc.) is required, this should be added to ensure there is as little movement as reasonably possible within the package.

  • The Package should be sealed securely.

  • The Carrier Label should be affixed to the package, along with any supplementary labels (CN22, Dangerous Goods etc).

Packaging Videos

The following videos demonstrate standard packaging guidelines. Where you feel that further instruction is required for our packers this must be provided in writing to your Customer Success Manager (if still on the Customer Success Programme) or by raising a Support Ticket. Note additional packaging instruction may incur a gift wrapping fee or other additional cost. You will be notified if this is the case.

Small Bag

Medium Bag

Large Box

Cut Down Box

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