Custom Orders

This section outlines how you should raise and manage Custom Orders.

Custom Orders, i.e. those orders, typically larger orders, that require special preparation and delivery, are raised via the Custom Orders option on our fulfilment platform.

To raise a new Custom Order, select the 'Custom Orders' menu option and click the Add button to the top right of the screen.

Select the Customer and Delivery addresses, as you normally would when raising a manual order. Where the customer has provided a Purchase Order Reference, this can be entered via the 'Account Order Number' field.


Enter the order lines, again as you would for manually entered orders.

Custom Order Information

  • Submit Custom Order - Once you have completed your custom order and uploaded the information you have available to you, ensure this button is checked. This allows you to save and revisit Custom Orders before submitting them for our attention.

  • Description of Work - When submitting a Custom Order, you may wish to enter a brief description to help us to more quickly understand your requirements.

  • Requested Delivery Date - Where the goods must arrive with your client on a certain date, please specify this date here. We will then be in touch to confirm that the date is achievable.

  • Product Labels - Please upload where required. These can be uploaded at a later date if needed.

  • Carton Labels - Please upload where required. These can be uploaded at a later date if needed.

  • Packing Notes - Please upload where required. These can be uploaded at a later date if needed.

  • Carrier Labels - Please upload where required. These can be uploaded at a later date if needed.

  • Pallet Attachment - Please upload where required. These can be uploaded at a later date if needed.

Note - We will will only be made aware of your custom orders, once the 'Submit Custom Order' check box has been ticked.

Once you have completed your custom order, click the Finish Button to save details. You will receive an acknowledgement that we have received your Custom Order and we will endeavour to review and respond within 8 working hours.

Uploading Custom Orders

The Upload Manager can be used to upload larger Custom Orders. Navigate to the Upload Manager via the settings option and click to 'Upload Data'. Select the Upload Orders option.

Download the template and ensure the 'Channel Code' column is populated with 'CUSTOM' throughout. Once the order upload has completed you will be able to find and submit the order via the Custom Orders menu option.

Custom Orders Awaiting Approval

Where the Custom Order is going to require additional labour above the physical picking and packaging; i.e. Product / Carton Labelling etc. and where that labour is expected to take more than one hour, we will provide an estimate for the work required and you'll be asked to to approve before we can progress with the order. Where additional work is not required, or where the additional work is expected to take less than one hour, you will not be asked to approve as this would unnecessarily slow down the process.

To approve the Custom Order simply select the entry from the Custom Order menu option on the fulfilmentcrowd platform and enter your name and an Authorisation date on the Custom Order Information step.

Custom Order Back Orders

Where a Custom Order has insufficient stock, it will be given a status of 'Back Order'. We will not be able to progress the order until this stock issue has been rectified. You will receive an email notification advising that the order has been back ordered.

To resolve the issue you must reduce the quantities on those order lines which exceed their available stock position. To do this, select the order via the fulfilmentcrowd platform and go to the Products step.

The lines causing the order to be back ordered are those where the 'Reserved' quantity falls below the line quantity. To reduce the line quantity simply double click the line and adjust the Quantity:

Once all lines have been correctly adjusted the Custom Order will move through the system within about an hour.

Custom Orders Picking and Dispatch

You will ne notified as and when an order has been submitted to our warehouse as being ready for pick. We will then contact you once the order has been completed and is ready for collection, assuming there is a requirement for us to do so. You will subsequently be emailed as your order is collected / dispatched.

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