Upload Manager

Use the Upload Manager to quickly create and update Products, Inventory Transfers and Sales Orders for shipping using simple csv or Excel file formats.

The Upload Manager is found via the Settings menu:

To upload a new file, click the Upload Data button and you will be presented with the currently available upload options:

Select the type of Upload you wish to perform and you'll be prompted with with the option to download a template, or upload a file:


To download a file Template, simply click the Download button and the template will be downloaded to your computer. This may work differently based upon your operating system / web browser but ultimately you'll be prompted with an comma separated CSV file that can be opened in Excel or equivalent.

The file consist of a number of colour coded columns. Those is red are considered essential. I.e. we would not be able to properly undertake our services without this information. Those in Yellow are important and may restrict certain services (i.e. commodity codes are required for international shipments) and those in green are unessential but may enhance your use of the system and the information you're able to gain from it.

The information tab at the bottom of the spreadsheet gives more detail regarding each of the columns, detailing how these fields should be populated. Any additional Tabs detail available answers for those columns that allow selection from pre-populated responses.

Once you have completed your spreadsheet save it as a CSV file.

Uploading Files

To upload a file, simply click the "Select File" button on the Upload Manager screen. A file browser will open and you'll be able to select your CSV file. The file selected will be displayed alongside the Select File button:

Click the Finish Button to upload the file:

The new upload will appear in the selection screen with a status of Upload Pending. This will change to Processing Upload and ultimately "Upload Complete".

Where an upload is unsuccessful, an "Upload Failed" status will be displayed. Clicking on this will display the failure reasons:

Updating Information

As well as creating new products, the Product Upload will also allow for the updating of fields linked to the product.

To update Products you must first take an extract of your product file, which can be done via Reports. This extract should match the template file format provided. It is important to leave all fields populated unless you want to clear out the information. i.e. if you clear out the Product Price, this will set the price to 0 in the system.

The Product Extract will export all of your products. Ideally, you should cut down this list to just those you want to update.

Take care when reusing previously created CSV files as leading 0's can be removed from EAN Numbers (Barcodes) etc. which can lead to difficulties. It's often better just to recreate the excel file from the Product Extract mentioned above or to keep the original Excel file.

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