Transaction Line Entry

Specify the items that require shipping on an order

Upon reaching the Transaction Lines step for the first time the data grid will be empty. Click the NEW button to create your first item.

Product - Search for your product by entering some text into the Product Search field.

  • if the product you require hasn't yet been created, launch the Product entry wizard by clicking the New Button.

  • After selecting a product, if you wish to use a different code, click the x to the right of the Product field and the field will be cleared awaiting a new code.

Quantity - Once you have specified a Product, enter the Quantity you are expecting to receive.

Reserved Quantity - The reserved quantity field will default to either the Quantity entered or the Available Stock depending which is lower. The available stock for the item you are adding will be displayed alongside the Reserved Quantity title. You can change the reserved quantity if you would prefer the stock to reserve against a different order.

Price - The price will default based on the price assigned to the product in Sales Pricing. You may change the price against the order line if you wish to do so, allowing you to sell the item at a different price on this specific order.

Transaction Line Text - Enter any information you may feel is relevant, perhaps an alternative description for the product.

As you save the product line, the product will be added to the lines grid. To edit a line, simply click on the relevant row in the grid:

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