Create and manage your fulfilmentcrowd platform users

Where you require other members of your team to have access to this system, you can add them here by clicking the Add User button.

Full Name - All access to the system is managed by email address. The Full Name is simply for ease of visibility when viewing records created within the system.

Preferred Name - This is simply used by the Home screen to say "Hello".

Email Address - As the user is created, they will be sent an invite by email. This will be the email used for the invite and subsequently the email used by the user to log in to the system.

If necessary, you can resend the invitation by launching the user wizard and clicking the Resend Invitation button:

Users cannot be deleted. If you wish to prevent a user from accessing the system, you should set them to Inactive. To do this, simply check the box next to the users name and use the Action button to set them to inactive:

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