Supplier Details

Add a supplier address and contact details

Type of Address - The type of address radio button depicts whether or not the address is an Organisation (business, public body etc.) or an Individual. Where the Type of Address is set to Organisation, the Communication Details at the bottom of the screen will be hidden but the Contacts step of the Address Wizard will become available.

Address Code - Read Only - A unique code that will be used when printing documentation etc. and can later be used to quickly find addresses.

Country - This field allows selection fro all known countries. As the country is changed, the fields below may change to better represent the format of addresses for that country. As such, some of the fields detailed below may work slightly differently or be hidden completely.

Postcode - The Postcode is the first address field you need to enter and can be tied in to the Royal Mail Postal Address Files (PAF) in order to default the remaining address fields.

Name / Organisation Name - The label for this field will be different depending on the Type of Address. This is a forced field.

Address Line 1 - Address Line 5 - The field labels for these fields may be different depending on the Country selected. These are the fields you need to use in order to create your address details.

Communication Details - This section allows you to capture different communication details you require against your address. It is possible to have additional communication fields (home phone, second email, Twitter handle etc.) should you require.

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