Selection Screens

Using filters and search when viewing data on the fulfilmentcrowd platform.

In most areas of the system, as a menu option is launched the user is presented with a Selection Screen, showing existing records that can be edited via that particular menu option.

In the top right corner of each Selection Screen is a "NEW" button. Clicking this button will launch a new tab, allowing you to create a new record.


Below this section are available Filters. The image above shows a single "All" filter, indicating all product rows will be found.

To add a new filter, drop down the Filter selection field and you'll be presented with a list of available filter options:

You will be asked to specify an indicator (i.e. Matches, Does Not Match etc.) and a value.

Once you have created a filter, you can save it by clicking the Save Filter button. This will then be immediately available when you next launch the menu option:

To the right of the Filter selection is a Search field. To search for an item, simply type some text into this field. The search will automatically be performed as soon as you stop typing.

The search is accumulative, meaning that the search results will narrow further and further depending on the text you enter into the search field. In the example above, entering the word "red" would find all products with "red" in the code, description and other linked fields. Adding the word "wok" returns only those products which contain both of these words.

It is important to note that the search works in conjunction with the filters. I.e. performing a search for "red wok" on the "Exclude Discontinued Products" filter, would only return products that contained both words and that were also not discontinued.

Beneath the Filter and Search functionality is a Sort feature. This will default intelligently depending on the menu option you have selected. To change the sort order of the rows returned in the grid, simply drop down the Sort field and select the sort order you require.

The pagination buttons allow you to quickly skip to the first / last rows in the grid or to load more records based on your current search and filter selections:

The Data Grid itself contains a snap shot of the data linked to the record. To view the full details click on a row in the grid to launch the wizard.

Each row in the Data Grid includes a checkbox in the left most column. Clicking this checkbox will allow actions to be performed on the selected rows. To select all rows click the checkbox in the column header.

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