Using the fulfilmentcrowd Menu
The menu system allows you to navigate the features of the system and intelligently expands or retracts based on your use.
The menu is navigated by single clicking on a feature title.
Typical Menu
Where a sub menu is available, this will be displayed as you click on the parent menu option and will replace the initial menu. To return to the initial menu, click on the Main Menu option at any time.
Typical Sub Menu

Additional Settings and Options

Settings Menu
Clicking on the user info bar to the bottom left of the screen will give links for this user guide, our Feature Request page and additional settings:

Feature Request

The Feature Request system allows our users to see and comment on developments in our pipeline and to also submit requests for functionality or services that they feel would be useful.
Development Pipeline
To comment and add extra priority to a development already in our pipeline, simply click on the development and you'll be shown a popup like that below. Simply click the relevant priority and you'll be asked to add a comment.
Update the development with a Priority and comment
To submit a new idea, simply click the 'New Idea' button and add a priority and comment.
Submit a new idea.
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