Variant Products

Quickly create variant SKUs for products with multiple sizes or colours.

Variant Products are those for which multiple colours, sizes etc. exist against a Base Product or "Style". For example, a certain style of T-Shirt may come in Small, Medium & Large and each size may be available in either Red, White or Blue. These products are known as Variant Products.

The system only needs to know about Variant products where you are using the system to list the items on channels or marketplaces. I.e. the system does not need to know that an item is a variant item, in order to download orders or even update stock, it only needs to know where you are managing actual product content for 3rd party channels / marketplaces etc.

If you do wish to use Variant Products, the first thing to do is to create your Base product. Create a new product and ensure the "Form of Product" is set to Variant base on the Product Details step of the Product Wizard:

When you first arrive at the Variant Products step, you will be asked to add Variant Types. A Variant Type could be Colour, Size etc:

As a Variant Type is added, you'll be able to add the Variant Options for this type (i.e. Small, Medium, Large, Red White Blue etc.)

As variant options are added, a grid will be generated at the bottom of the screen listing all possible SKU's.

  • Status - The Status will display an X until the SKU has actually been created, at which point it will display a Green Tick.

  • Include - Place a tick in the Include checkbox to create the relevant SKU.

  • Colour - As per the variant options selected.

  • Size - As per the variant options selected.

  • Product Code - The system will derive a Product code from the Base Product code and the Variant Options. You can overwrite this however, as you choose.

  • EAN - You are able to enter a Barcode reference in this field.

  • View - This is blank when creating variants but when editing a Variant Base product, you'll be able to click the View button to launch the Product Wizard for the relevant variant.

To create variant products, simply click the Next or Finish button to save your changes. Upon returning to the Variant Products step, the screen will look like this:

To add new colours, sizes or variant options, click the Configure button.

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