Cancelling your services

Even good things come to an end...


We are sorry to see you go! We aim to take care of our clients, even after they leave us. Therefore, it is important for both parties that your account is closed and stock exited from our fulfilment centres in an orderly and fair way. The following Exit Plan sets out how we handle cancellations and account closures as standard procedure. Please note that until completion of the Exit Plan, we will continue to supply services to you in line with our terms and conditions.

If you want to end your agreement with us for any reason, we will treat the request promptly and make the process as smooth as possible. We'll try to understand why you want to end services and see if there is anything we can do to help.

You may cancel your service with fulfilmentcrowd by providing seven (7) days’ notice in writing. Upon issue of your notice and subject to there being no queries or disputes applicable to your account, we will acknowledge receipt within 8 working hours and all receipting of stock and shipping of orders will cease immediately. Thereon, both parties have seven (7) days to execute the Exit Plan.

Exit Planning Step-by-Step

To help ensure there is minimal disruption to your business, the following process and timeline shall apply. It is important that you read and understand the tasks and timeline detailed below:

  1. If you are thinking of cancelling your service, we ask that you raise a support ticket in the first instance.

  2. A Service Advisor will immediately notify the Shared Services Manager will contact you to discuss the reasons why you intend to cancel and address any issues that may mitigate this.

  3. Should you still wish to cancel, you must send a notice in writing (an email will suffice) to the Shared Services Manager. Importantly, this must detail any specific exit requirements (e.g. stock packing, documentation, custom data extracts) which will be assessed, and any charges quoted within a Rework or Change Request. However, please note that fulfilmentcrowd are under no obligation to accommodate any exit requirements other than those detailed herein.

  4. If, for operational or practical reasons, the Shared Services Manager judges that a Custom Exit Plan is required, the approximate costs and timescales will be advised and both parties shall enter into a seven (7) consultation period, by the end of which, an agreement must be concluded. Otherwise, our standard Exit Plan procedure will be followed and is detailed hereon:

  5. Within 8 working hours of receipt of your notice, we will:

  • Notify all relevant departments of the Cancellation Date (the date on which stock will be collected and your account with fulfilmentcrowd closed) i.e. finance, operations and customer services.

  • Complete the receipt and putaway of any delivered stock.

  • Terminate integration services (API or custom FTP) configured to import sales orders from your website or marketplace channels.

  • Complete the dispatch of all open and allocated orders.

  • Confirm the charges for the preparation and presentation of your remaining stock for exit.

  • Advise arrangements to ensure your account is cleared in full before collection of stock from our centre. Goods will only be released upon payment of all open balances and closure of the account.

  • Confirm the 7-day exit process and Cancellation Date (the date on which your stock can be collected, subject to terms).

6. Within 16 working hours of receipt, we will:

  • Raise an invoice for execution of the Exit Plan, including any charges accrued from the Notice Date.

  • Provide a statement detailing all outstanding balances on your account.

7. Within 24 working hours of notice, you will need to:

  • Make payment in full by bank transfer against the statement provided.

  • Enter a sales order on the fulfilmentcrowd platform detailing all remaining stock items and quantities that need to be picked and packed for exit.

8. Sales orders pertaining to exit will be released for processing upon receipt of final payment into funds. These will then be picked, packed and presented in accordance with our standard operating procedures.

9. Subject to the foregoing, fulfilmentcrowd then have up to thirty two (32) working hours to pick and pack the exit order and make available for collection on your nominated carrier. As soon as practical, we will advise you how many cartons and/or pallets are to be transported.

10. You have up to eight (8) working hours to collect the stock after the Cancellation Date. Should your stock not be collected within this time, we will charge a quarantine storage fee of £10.00 per cubic metre, per week (or part). Settlement of these fees must be made by bank transfer before goods are released.

11. Upon conclusion of the Exit Plan and Cancellation Date, all access to the fulfilmentcrowd platform will be permanently revoked. You are advised to extract any data required prior to or during the 7-day exit period. Presently, you are able to extract product and customer data using standard functionality.

12. To comply with data protection regulations and best practice in information security, your customer data will be permanently deleted within 30 days after the Cancellation Date.

13. On the Cancellation Date, your account will be closed and contact details removed from our administration systems. After this date, you should no longer receive service updates or marketing communications from us.


The following illustration summarises the cancellation and exit process:

In closing, the directors and staff at fulfilmentcrowd would like to thank you for your business. If we have not met your expectations in any way, please make us aware; we take feedback seriously and constantly seeking ways to improve our services and technology.

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