Product Alias

Product Aliases are used to create and search on alternative SKU references such as barcode, ISBN, ASIN and supplier code.

Product Alias's are used to store alternative codes for a SKU. These can then be used to print on documentation or simply used to find the product in the system.

Alias Type - The Alias Type drown down box includes a large number of options. However, unless instructed otherwise, the only options you should use are:

  • EAN - Use the EAN option to store a Barcode against your product.

  • Supplier Code - Use the Supplier Code option where you wish to create an alias that prints on your purchase order documentation.

Alias Code - The Alias Code is ordinarily a forced uppercase field. This can change per Alias Type. Alias Codes can be up to 50 characters in length.

Alias Description - Depending on the Alias Type selected, you may be asked to specify an Alias Description, though this isn't forced. If entered against a Supplier Code Alias Type, then this Description will print on Purchase Orders in place of your normal product description.

Address - Again, this field is only displayed for certain alias types. Again, if you have selected the Supplier Code Alias Type, you'll be required to specify an Address (Supplier). This allows you to store multiple supplier codes for the same Product.

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