Sales Orders

Create, edit and review Sales Orders
Sales Orders
The Sales Order Selection Screen is used to find and edit Sales Orders or to create new ones.
To create a new Sales Order click the New button. To edit or review an order click on the relevant row in the grid to launch the Sales Order Wizard.

Cancelling Sales Orders

To Cancel a Sales Order, find the order in the selection screen and check the checkbox in the left most column. Once a row is checked, a new field will appear above the grid prompting you to "Select an action to apply to 1 row". It is possible to cancel multiple orders at the same time by checking the box against multiple rows.
Click the new "Select an action...." field and you will be presented with an option to Process with sub option for "Cancelled Orders". Click the Cancelled Orders option and you will be asked to confirm. Click OK to confirm and the order will be cancelled.
Check the relevant row in the grid and select the Cancelled Orders option from the drop down.
Click OK to confirm
It is possible to cancel individual order lines in the same way. Simply launch an order, go to the Transaction Line step and repeat the above process:
Cancelling Multiple Lines on an Order

Creating Copy Orders

Where you need to create a copy of a Sales Order that has already been dispatched (I.e. a repeat order), you can do so by performing a Process from the Dispatched order.
Firstly find the original order within the Sales Orders menu option:
Order found by reference. Screenshot shows a filter created for Dispatched Orders
Once the order has been found, tick the action box to the left of the row and the "SELECT AN ACTION TO APPLY TO 1 ROW" action button will appear. Within this drop down is an option for "Sales Order Entry". Click this option and you'll be prompted to process the order:
Click OK to Process the Order
Click the OK button and you'll receive a confirmation that the order has been processed and will then be landed in the order:
Confirmation of Successful Process
Once landed in the order you can make any changes you require. Upon saving the order and assuming stock is available and it has not been held, it will be moved into our picking processes within a few minutes.