Transaction Related Data

Add gift messages, shipping instructions and order release date

Dispatch Details

  • Part Ship This Order - If checked, and assuming the order is still at either Sales Order Entry or already at Back Order, the system will part ship the order. I.e. Any items for which stock is available will be shipped straight away.

    • Note: If you leave this flagged as Part Ship, remaining items will be dispatched as and when they come into stock. If you do not want this to happen you will need to manually uncheck this box. The order will then remain at Back Order until all remaining items are available.

  • Order Release Date - If you do not want the orders to be released until a certain date is met, enter the date in this field. The order will be held with a reason of "Awaiting Release Date" and moved to the Held Orders stage. Upon reaching the date the system will automatically release the orders.

    • Note: If you wish to remove an order release date you must also remove the hold reason on the Transaction Summary step.

  • Carrier Instructions - Text entered into this field will be printed on Carrier Labels where the service allows. I.e. "Leave Behind Shed" etc.

  • Gift Message - Assuming you have an agreement in place for a Gift Messaging service, the message entered into this box will be printed with the order.

Pro-Forma Invoice

Print Pro-Forma Invoice - If you require a Pro-Forma Invoice to be printed for your order, check this box. The Pro-Forma invoice will then be available for download on the Transaction Print step.

Special Instructions

Special Instructions - This field is simply a place for you to capture internal information regarding your orders and is often used to bring in instructions from channels / marketplaces. This field is not used by the fulfilment service.

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