Using Support Tickets to raise and resolve queries

The Support Selection Screen is used to find and edit Support Tickets or to create new ones.

To create a new Support Ticket click the Support Ticket button. To edit or review an order click on the relevant row in the grid to launch the Support Ticket Wizard.

How can we help you? - Specify from the list, as follows:

  • I have a billing query - Select this option where you have an issue with regards to billing.

  • I have a query regarding a delivery of stock to fulfilmentcrowd. - Specify this option where you have any issues with stock that has been receipted or is due to be receipted by fulfilmentcrowd.

  • I have an issue with Channel Connectivity - Specify this option where you have an issue with the configuration of any of your channels and marketplaces.

  • Other Support Issue - Select this issue, where none of the others apply.

Once you have selected an option from the 'How can we help you' field click Next to move to the Details step.

Fill out the Support Ticket with as much detail as possible. Note; The fields below may change depending on your answer to the 'How can we help you?' question on the first step but be sure to at least populate the following:

  • Brief Description - A single sentence describing the issue or question you wish to raise. This will be displayed on the Selection Screen and will be used as the subject in any subsequent emails.

  • Detailed Description - Free text field allowing you to put in as much detail as possible regarding your query. Remember, the more detail you provide, the quicker we will be able to provide a response.

  • Is this issue delaying the fulfilment of orders? - Please only tick this box where your issue could potentially delay the fulfilment of any orders. This will help us to prioritise your issues.

Once you have finished creating your Support Ticket, simply click Finish. A notification will be sent to our Services team.

Monitoring your Support Tickets

You can tell the status of your support tickets using the columns highlighted above:


When your support ticket is first raised, the Status will simply be "Ticket Received". As the ticket is picked up by a Service Advisor the Status will change to 'Under Review'. As the ticket is completed, the Status will be updated again to "Completed Ticket".

You may find it useful to create a Filter so you can quickly see Open Tickets.

Review By

The Review By Status will default to "Service Advisor". As the Advisor picks up a ticket, should they require further information from yourselves, they will contact you. Where you are not immediately available they may need to communicate via email and will update the Review By status to "Customer". Should any support tickets have a Review By status of Customer, we are awaiting further details from yourself and would ask you to get in touch.

Service Advisor

As one of our Service Advisors picks up your ticket, they will assign their name to it, as they update the ticket to 'Under Review'. Should you need to query the ticket, this is the Advisor that you should contact in the first instance, though any Advisor should be able to assist with most queries.

Cancelling Support Tickets

To Cancel a Support Ticket, find the ticket in the selection screen and check the checkbox in the left most column. Once a row is checked, a new field will appear above the grid prompting you to "Select an action to apply to 1 row". It is possible to cancel multiple tickets at the same time by checking the box against multiple rows.

Click the new "Select an action...." field and you will be presented with an option to Process with sub option for "Cancelled Ticket". Click the Cancelled Ticket option and you will be asked to confirm. Click OK to confirm and the Ticket will be cancelled.

Completing a Support Ticket

The Service Advisor will complete Support Tickets as and when they have responded to your query. Where you feel a Support Ticket has been completed and no longer need the Advisor to investigate, you can complete the ticket by carrying out the same process as above (for cancelling tickets) but selecting the Completed Ticket option.

Where a Support Ticket is completed by a Service Advisor, you will receive an email notification containing a "fulfilmentcrowd Response" which will give you details as to how the issue / query has been resolved. You can view this at any time by opening the ticket:

It is not currently possible to reopen a closed ticket. If for any reason you are unhappy with the response, please raise a new ticket, referring to your original Ticket Reference.

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