Customer Success

Your fulfilmentcrowd journey starts with the Customer Success Programme, designed to ensure complete satisfaction with our services and technology.


The Customer Success Programme (‘CSP’) is a core organisational function that will help you gain maximum value from of fulfilmentcrowd services and technology. From the moment you register on the platform, the Customer Success team will build a mutually beneficial relationship that extends well beyond the first shipment. Our Customer Success Managers focus on how fulfilmentcrowd can best serve you, going above-and-beyond to ensure total confidence in the solution.

Your Objectives

When considering fulfilmentcrowd, you will have an ‘end goal’ in mind, so it's very important that we determine where our service and technology fits into that equation. Before you book your first delivery of goods into a centre, you will be asked about expected order volumes, sales margins and shipping costs; these will be referenced later when we start shipping. If either party is not hitting the original objectives, the Customer Success Manager will investigate solutions. So, for example, if shipping costs are impacting on the target margin, they may recommend revised packaging or a different service. Likewise, if order volumes are under expectations, fulfilmentcrowd have a Trusted Partner network of specialist providers who could assist with website development, marketplace management or digital marketing.


The Customer Success Programme is structured around four distinct phases:

Phase 1 – Pre-sales – how was the website? Were you able to access the resources needed to help make your decision? Did you find our people approachable and professional?

Phase 2 – Onboarding – what are your first impressions of the fulfilmentcrowd platform? Have our policies and procedures been clearly explained? Are you confident in us?

Phase 3 – Testing and Launch – did our goods receiving and shipping services live up to your expectations? Was your first invoice in line with the tariffs presented?

Phase 4 – Overall – would you recommend fulfilmentcrowd to others? Is the service cost effect for you? What could be improved in general?

As you progress from start to finish, quality scores will be requested to ensure we have a contextual understanding of customer satisfaction and a prized store of feedback that can be acted upon.

NB - you will be unable to progress to the next CSP page without advising a quality score for the previous one. All data is collected through an online form and treated in the strictest of confidence.

Please watch for our regular service updates which detail the improvements made as a result of your opinions.

Our Objectives

Gauging performance is a culture within our business and drives us to continuously improve; that starts with your pre-sales and onboarding experience which is critical to a long-term relationship. Ultimately, we want you to be satisfied with fulfilmentcrowd and able to recommend us to others - this is the truest measure of success and the foremost question that you will be asked upon completion of the Customer Success Programme.


Once you have decided to send your goods to fulfilmentcrowd and confirmed a delivery date, you will be assigned a Customer Success Manager who will work with you to complete the onboarding process and ensure that all goes to plan during the first month of service. On average, the programme runs for six weeks before you are referred to our Service team who will handle queries and issues thereafter.

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