Transaction Summary

Set shipping requirements and review the order

Dispatch Service Level - This Radio Button displays each of the different types of service we're able to offer your clients. Select the service applicable to your order.

Override Dispatch Charge - If you wish to charge your customer for dispatching this order, check this checkbox and you'll be presented with a Dispatch Charge field. Note: it is possible to default the Dispatch Charges based on order characteristics.

Override Carrier Service Level - The Carrier Service will default based on the selected Dispatch Service Level. This should not be changed unless you have been advised to do so.

Hold Transaction - Where you do not wish for your order to be moved into the Picking process, you can hold the order by checking this box. As this box is checked, you will be prompted to select a Hold Reason.

Hold Reason - If you have set the transaction to held, you must specify a hold reason. You may select multiple Hold Reasons if you wish. To take an order off hold, remove all the Hold Reasons and then uncheck the "Hold Transaction" checkbox.

Discount / Surcharge - If you wish to offer a discount on your order, or an additional charge you can do so by setting the Radio Button accordingly. As you set this to either Discount or Surcharge, you will be asked for a percentage value.

Discount / Surcharge Percentage - Enter the percentage value of the discount / surcharge you wish to add to the order.

The Transaction Totals section is a read only summary of your order values.

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