Delivery Booking

When sending stock to fulfilmentcrowd in quantities exceeding 1 pallet or 9 cartons, the delivery must be properly booked in with our Goods Receiving teams.

You can book a delivery using the simple booking in process on the Inventory Transfer entry:

Booking Required - Where your delivery is going to be 1 or more pallets, or 9 or more cartons, tick this box to request a delivery slot. (It is not necessary to pre-book deliveries that are less than 1 pallet, or 9 individual cartons).

Number of Pallets - Enter the number of pallets you would expect your delivery to arrive on. This does not have to be exact as long as it is within a reasonable tolerance. This can be left as 0, if your delivery is only going to consist of loose cartons.

Number of Cartons - Enter the number of cartons you would expect your delivery to arrive in. Again, this does not have to be precise but should be roughly accurate. Again, this field can be left 0 if your delivery is arriving on pallets.

Requested Delivery Date - Simply enter the date on which you would like your delivery to arrive at our centre. We will do all we can to accommodate.

Description of Work - This field can be used where you'd like to pass any special instructions to our teams. This can be left blank.

Your Booking Request will be submitted to our teams as you move your Inventory Transfer to 'Inventory Transfer In Transit':

We will endeavour to respond to your booking request, advising a booking reference, within 3 working hours. If for any reason we are not able to accept your booking request, we will advise an alternative date.

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