Product Properties

This step of the Product Wizard allows you to define secondary characteristics of your product.

VAT - Select the VAT Rate most applicable to the current SKU.

Percentage Subject to VAT - This field should be left at 100% unless the item contains a Bill of Materials with mixed vat items. For example if the item has 5 components of equal value, one of which should have a zero VAT rate, this would be set to 80%.

Dimensions - Should you know the dimensions of your product, please enter these. These will be sent to channels and can also be used for determining storage usage. Please ensure all size dimensions are entered in Millimetres and that weights are entered in Grams.

Discontinuing a product will prevent new Sales or Purchase Orders being created for the item. It will also remove the item from Channels and Marketplaces. To Discontinue a product, simply specify a date in the Discontinue From field. You will then be prompted with the following fields:

  • Only Discontinue when out of Stock - Ticking this checkbox will allow users to continue entering orders for the item, until such time as the available stock reaches zero, at which point the item will become discontinued.

  • Discontinue Reason - Specify your reasons for discontinuing the product.

  • Current Status - This field is read only and simply displays the current status of the product.

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