Transaction Payments

Enter payment details for the order

The image above shows how the Transaction Payment step will typically appear when first reached for a new order, i.e. when no payment lines have been created.

The most important value on this screen is the Under or Overpaid value, which is shown alongside the heading for the order totals. Where payments on the order match the value of the order the under / over paid value will not be displayed. Where this is displayed a payment or a refund should probably be created.

The Totals sections has a number of columns, these are defined as follows:

  • Transaction Total - The total value of the current order.

  • Total Paid - The total value of payments / refunds created against the order.

  • Account Balance - Where using credit accounts, the customer's current balance will be displayed here.

  • Unposted Balance - Where the customer has other orders on the system that have not yet been dispatched / invoiced, the value of these orders will appear here.

  • Credit Limit - Again, where using credit accounts, the customer's credit limit will appear here.

  • Remaining Credit - Overall balance taking into account Credit Limits, Account Balance and Unposted Balance.

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