This document details the process of raising and authorising Rework Requests.

Rework is the name given to any services provided by fulfilmentcrowd that fall outside of our universal tariff. Typical examples of Rework include applying barcode labels to unlabelled items, repackaging damaged or returned items, or assembling products from their component parts.

Raising a Rework Request

To raise a Rework Request, simply click the 'Add' button in the top right corner of the 'Rework' menu option and you'll be presented with a screen requesting some basic details of the Rework Job you would like us to undertake. Please provide as much details as possible, specifying SKU codes where relevant in order to avoid any delays in our response.

Once details have been entered, click the 'Finish' button to save. This will create a Rework Request with a status of 'Awaiting Estimate'. Our Rework Teams will automatically be emailed details of your Rework Request and will endeavour to provide an estimate for the work required within 8 working hours.

You should receive an email confirming receipt of your Rework Request. You will subsequently receive notification emails as:

  • An estimate is assigned awaiting approval

  • As you approve a Rework Request. This email will suggest an expected Completion Date / Time

  • As we begin work on your Rework Request

  • As we complete work on your Rework Request

Rework Requests Raised by fulfilmentcrowd.

Where Rework (labelling, repackaging etc.) or 'Assembly' (i.e. the process of putting together a number of items to create a finished product), is required as part of our Goods Receipting process, or just on an ad-hoc basis, a Rework Request will be raised and will be assigned an estimate. Where this estimate is less than 1 hour in duration, the task will be undertaken without requesting authorisation, so as not to hold up the receipting process. You will be sent a Notification to advise that the task was required.

Where the estimate provided is over 1 hour you will be issued a quotation via email and the Rework Request will need to be authorised before the work can be undertaken. To authorise the work, simply access the Rework menu option and click on the relevant Rework Request.

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