Authorising Rework Requests

Once an estimate has been assigned, you'll be required to authorise the Rework Request.

Where a Rework Request has been raised and assigned an estimate. less than one hour in duration, the task will be undertaken without your being requested to authorise, so as not to hold up the receipting process. You will be sent a Notification to advise that the task was required as and when the task is completed.

Where the estimate is over 1 hour you will be issued a quotation, which will need to be authorised before the work can be undertaken.

To authorise the work, simply access the Rework menu option and click on the relevant Rework Request.

  • Authorised By - Enter your name in this field so we can trace who authorised the rework to be undertaken.

  • Authorisation Date - Enter the date on which you authorised the rework.

Once the Rework Request has been authorised it will be pushed through to the relevant team within one hour, at which point SLA's for receipting / rework will commence.

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