Returns Awaiting Review

Returned stock notifications and managing these on the fulfilmentcrowd platform.

When we receive returned items, we will use details provided by the customer to determine the original order within our systems, as detailed in our Returns Management Document.

Our Returns teams will determine whether or not the return items are in suitable condition for a return to stock, or whether they need to be repackaged or simply scrapped. As part of this process, they will log information regarding the return on our system and you will be sent an email detailing each item returned, a reason for return and the action we have taken with regards to stock management. This is known as a Customer Returns Notification.

Customer Returns Notification

  • Return Reference - The Return Reference is our own internal reference for raising the return and does not relate to the customer's original order. Likewise, the Date shown alongside is the Date that the Return was raised.

  • Customer / Order Details - This section details the customer along with whatever communication details we were provided with the original order. It also shows an Original Order Reference, which will display a Channel Reference where applicable:

  • Product Return Details - As well as the Code, Description and Quantity received, we also capture a Return Reason, which best represents the details we've been provided by the end customer, any comments we may feel are pertinent and a Stock Action.

    • The Stock Action will be either "Returned to Stock", "Item Scrapped" or "Requires Further Review". Where set to Requires Further Review, a Service Advisor will contact you with details.

As well as the email, you will also see a notification when you log into the fulfilmentcrowd platform, such as:

Returns Awaiting Review

The Returns Awaiting Review menu option can be found within the Sales Menu Group. This should be used a simple list of Returns for which you may need to provide a refund.

Unless you are using the financials module on the fulfilmentcrowd platform, you don't have to do anything with these Returns. However, we would recommend that you keep this list tidy and up-to-date in order to keep on top of your returns.

A Returns Awaiting Review is effectively a "Draft Credit Note". Once you've managed the actual refund via the relevant channel, you should "process" these Draft Credit Notes to either "Sales Credit Refund" or "Cancelled Credit Note". To do this, tick the box to the left of each row that you wish to process and select the relevant process option from the action drop down:

You will be asked to confirm your decision to process the transactions. Click OK to process or Cancel to return to the grid.

You will be provided with confirmation that the transactions have processed.

Once the grid is clear, you're up to date.

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